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Can you Save Cheetahs with Electroacoustic Music?

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Ah what a lovely chat. We begin with a love letter to new music and Manchester, work through why everyone should be improvising and the parallels between graphic scores and electroacoustic soundscapes, before ending with the role of music in activism and electro finding a mainstream home in horror music and Amazon’s Alex Rider adaptation.

Sarah Keirle –


Links and Show Notes

The Illy Quane Episode

James Keirle

International Anthony Burgess Foundation

The Vonnegut Collective episode

I found it! Turns out we liked the piece enough to commission him… Theme & Transformations by Mark Bowler reflecting deforestation (not temperature change)

Sonification & The Problem with Making Music from Data – Tantacrul

Harrison Birtwistle: Silbury Air (with score) – See also this excellent primer by London Sinfonietta which includes an explanation of what metric modulation is if you’re wondering.

Can you hear Sarah Keirle’s burp in Okypete and Aello? I can’t. Send me a timestamp!

Danny Saul


Music played in this episode (in order)

Gethsemane intro bed

Okypete and Aello extracts throughout

Blue Lungs outro bed

Okypete and Aello final piece played in full


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