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And On The Seventh Day

Our first ever words+music project was a collaboration with George Thomas Miaris, and boy did he deliver with his piece. Prepare yourself for a romp through Manchester with dozens of references and in-jokes to the great city. Rob Corrin delivers the score for this one.

Stillness CD

Would you believe, our second ever project we made a CD. Crazy. There’s a church on Oxford Road called Holy Name with an amazing, never-ending spacious acoustic. We just had to ask some composers to write for the space and we liked the results so much, we got them recorded. You can still buy the CD for just £8 plus postage and they look gorgeous. Check them out.

Like what you hear?

Be the first to know about our next project.

Salt Fiend

Writer/No Dice Collective administrator extraordinaire Georgia Affonso spins the hilarious story of Dilly the Slug alongside Sophie Sully’s cello part. Our second outing of the words+music format, we heard from four writers about Cannibals, Cocoons, (Wether)spoons, and Slugs. You can hear the rest of the set here, including James Iball’s analogue-synth inspired pieces.


While we’re on the topic of pieces involving the core No Dice team, here’s a piece written by conductor Joe Chesterman-March based on this painting by Clifford Still. Check out the super still textures and subtly evolving harmony.

This was recorded as part of our outreach project at Parrs Wood Sixth Form. We collaborated with two Manchester University Composition Masters students and the Music Society to work for three months with 6th form music students. consultations and workshops to inspire the students with what’s possible.