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Trumpet Player Roasts Musical Establishment for 60 Minutes Straight w/ Illy Quane

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Illy Quane: trumpet player extraordinaire, composer, and very funny guy. If you’re looking for some light lockdown distraction, this is it.

We chat about our disappointment with existing brass repertoire (apart from one piece for brass ensemble), Illy explains his developing thoughts on creating gran-friendly contemporary music programmes, and Joe recounts the moment he realised The Sixteen had more than sixteen members.

All in-betweeny music composed or arranged by Illy, and can be heard in full at the links below.

Links and Show Notes

Penderecki – Threnody (Animated Score) starts 0:32

Illy playing with the University of Manchester Brass Band (I’m at the back right)

Kantos Chamber Choir

AGBEKO – ‘22-legged Afro-Party Monster’

A Fela Kuti tune – Water no get enemy

EXCLUSIVE: Secret Footage of Quartet Menine Performing The Metal by Tenacious D Found in Deepest Darkest Corner of YouTube

Quartet Menine playing an arrangement of Debussy’s Dr Gradus ad Parnassum

Shout out Darren Bloom

The New New Manchester Manchester School School presents: And And And And I’ll [Live] (discussed later)

Other members of The New New Manchester Manchester School School, Izzy Williams and Aaron Breeze.

Worship Music

The Lion King (but the songs are different and the plot is terrible)

Jacob Collier’s beautiful performance of Hallelujah live for BBC

BeatSketch_#1 – BIRD SCUFF

‘Like those videos of people playing along with a Nigel Farage Speech’ example

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