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Wish Bone Wish Granted Perhaps w/ David McFarlane and Gregory Kearns

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I chat with composer David McFarlane and writer Gregory Kearns on their 2018 collaboration about the Christmas apocalypse, which all stemmed from a set of small bells David received in a Christmas cracker set.

As well as hearing excerpts of their piece, Carol For Our Children, performed by No Dice Collective, we branch out into chats about leading community workshops, space to make mistakes, struggling to take our own creative advice, hang-ups about writing overtly emotional work, and the role of intuition and emotion vs formalised thinking in the creative process.

A really interesting, cross-disciplinary chat that touches on broad themes of individual creative processes. Should be interesting to anyone with a creative urge!

David McFarlane –
Gregory Kearns –


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Links and Show Notes

David McFarlane’s eye-tracking head theramin

Cath Snow

33 ⅓ Series: 93. J Dilla’s Donuts

Alicia Keys, John Mayer & Questlove- If I ain’t got you / Gravity

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Jonathan Harvey famous bell piece

Meet The Composer Podcast – New Music Fight Club (great name)

NB: My non-binary life

Christmas in L.A. – Vulfpeck

Christmas In L.A. – The Killers

The Handsome Family – So Much Wine

The Road OST – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis


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