Time and place, captured in sound


Can music evoke the household chaos of the morning school run? What about the uncomfortable feeling of walking home alone at midnight? Snapshot presents 10 moments in music, ready to evoke a time and a place straight from your seat.

Thomas Adès’ brilliant The Four Quarters grounds this project, with four new commissions from Aaron Breeze, Will Frampton, Benjamin Marrington-Reeve, and Sophie Sully responding to each ‘quarter’ of the day Adès portrays: Nightfall, Morning Dew, Days, and The Twenty-Fifth Hour. As if hearing The Four Quarters live wasn’t enough, our national call-for-score winners, Angela Slater and Anna Disley-Simpson, take us to the Shetland Islands with a fiery string quartet and a deep woodland cocoon of multitracked clarinet and voice.

Every No Dice Collective project is a one-off, and our previous project, Last Christmas, was completely sold out. Buy your ticket in advance to avoid missing out – plus find some mates and get 10% off when you buy 2 or more tickets.


Thomas Adès The Four Quarters

Benjamin Marrington-Reeve From November

Aaron Breeze Serenade

Sophie Sully Impetus

Will Frampton Nordhaus Litany

Anna Disley-Simpson Weald

Angela Slater Eye O Da Hurricane

7:30 pm 8th June 2019
International Anthony Burgess Foundation

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