Last Christmas

A little dark relief


In partnership with The Writing Squad and the International Anthony Burgess Foundation.

Gift yourself a little dark relief from the glitz with this unique project. Expect spoken word, theatre and film from The Writing Squad set to live music by No Dice Collective composers. The theme? Christmas apocalypse of course.

After the roaring success of their spoken word collaboration, followed by the addition of theatre last year, No Dice Collective are expanding their scope once more with a live short film screening, and full on collaboration with the talented young writers of The Writing Squad.

So what happens at the Christmas apocalypse? Well, Michael wants to leg it to safety but Sarah just wants to watch Doctor Who 📺 A young artist washes up on the beach at Christmas day and is left to contend with the vices of celebrity 📷 Christmas herself is feeling a bit blue – so blue in fact that she disappears completely 😶 You will also meet the last person on earth, hear a story about the strangeness of human rituals, and be subject to a climate change so severe, everyone misses the second coming! We will also be premiering an apocalyptic piece by Anthony Burgess himself.


David McFarlane & Gregory Kearns
Carol For Our Children

Anthony Burgess & Martin Bell
Senilio’s Broadcast Script

Ruari Paterson-Achenbach & James Varney
we have kept you whole

Sophie Sully & Georgia Affonso
Christmas’ Story

Joe Chesterman-March & Riley Bramley-Dymond

Reuben Rowlands & Sarah Fletcher
Just Weather’s Luck

Rory Wainright Johnston & Ryan Watson
Christmas Special: Regenerate

*Writers in italic

7:30pm 7th December 2018
International Anthony Burgess Foundation, 3 Cambridge Street, M1 5BY

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