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Today I’m thrilled to share an interview with Adam and Rakhi of Manchester Collective. Emerging in 2017, they’re already an established part of the Manchester scene thanks to their impressive work ethic and immersive concert experiences.

We discover their origin story: how the group was founded, its roots in changing the makeup of classical audiences, and how they came into the world seemingly full-formed with three seasons planned ahead (hint: a whole year of planning).

We also find out what their secret sauce is, their ‘warts and all’ approach to live performance, and Adam’s #logisticslife revealing the glamorous world of lighting rig updates and taping down crystal glasses that makes a concert really shine.

Manchester Collective –


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Links and Show Notes

Black Angels score Google search

Black Angels performance

Quote from Black Angels: “The crystal glasses should be goblet-shaped. A fine grade of crystal will produce a truly beautiful effect. The glasses should be mounted on a board (by taping).”


Islington Mill

Heinrich Biber – Battalia à 10 (1673) Check out the col legno (back of the bow) in movement one, the nuts dissonance in movement two, and the musket fire in movement seven!

Australian Chamber Orchestra

Rakhi performs Spiegel im Spiegel

After the Tryst (not Rakhi)

Russian Ark

One of those incredible live Nina Simone performances

Intro/outro music: Goodbye by Luke Mather


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