Get to know our players’ brilliant solo abilities


We are very lucky to have such a talented bunch of people playing in the Collective and we thought it was high time we showed them off. We’ve prepared a selection of established and newly commissioned works as well as our fantastic Call for Score winners.

  • We have a virtuosic percussion piece featuring Dan Nolan with calm string quartet accompaniment by Jasmine Simons.
  • A beautiful solo clarinet commission from Aidan Maier telling the story of a nightingale in the space of a few minutes.
  • Johnny James – Music builds on his piece for piano, lasers and audience at Brighter Sound, putting the laser in the hands of violinist Libby Sherwood.
  • The Animal Puppet Picture Show by James Piper takes a slightly spooky ride with cellist Malcolm Goodare.
  • Dominic Skingle imitates the call of seagulls for Robin Wallington’s dexterous viola piece.
  • The Clockwork Crocodile by James Woodhall – a playful quartet with rhythms that will constantly keeps you on your toes!


Jasmine Simons Agitation

Aidan Maier The Nightingale’s Excuse

Carl Vine Five Bagatelles

Robin Wallington Sea Bird Forms

James Piper The Animal Puppet Picture Show

Charlotte Bray Beyond

Dai Fujikura Poison Mushroom

Johnny James Mirror Touch

Sally Beamish The Wise Maid

Jiří Kadeřábek Hindyish

James Woodhall The Clockwork Crocodile

7:30pm 5th June 2018
International Anthony Burgess Foundation

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